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Grad Student Resources

Graduate Student Resources

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Joining our lab

I welcome inquiries from anyone interested in pursuing a PhD in our lab. While most people in our lab share a passion for fungi and ecology, I value new perspectives on our systems and questions. For this reason, I encourage prospective students from all backgrounds and prior experiences to get in touch. I strongly value creativity, independence, work ethic, and perseverance in graduate students. If you are potentially interested in our lab please take a look at our Research page and see whether this type of work appeals to you and is likely to further your long-term career goals. 

Most graduate students join my lab by applying to the Department of Biology Ecology & Evolution group. The Ecology & Evolution program is a "direct admit" program (i.e. students do not normally do rotations) so fit between advisor and prospective advisees is an important component of the admissions process. You can find more information about graduate applications by visiting the Biology admissions page. For those who are new to graduate studies (i.e. first gen or historically excluded students) you may consider applying for the Biology Preview Program which provides an in depth introduction to graduate admissions at Stanford and more generally. 

If you decide that you are interested in applying to work in our lab I please send me an email with your CV and introducing yourself, your interests, and why you think our lab would be a good fit. I also encourage you to email with students or postdocs in our lab to learn more about my advising style and their experiences at Stanford.

Useful Links

For current and prospective graduate students here are some links to on-campus resources related to well being.

Graduate Life Office (GLO): 650-723-7288

Stanford University Diversity and Access Office: 650-723-0755,, or

Equity and Inclusion in Biology

Stanford Title IX: 650-497-4955,, or

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) 650-498-2336 and 

Office of the Ombuds 650-497-1542,, or