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Graduate student

Anna Johnson

Anna completed her BS in chemical-biological engineering at MIT. As an undergraduate, she carried out a wide range of research projects. First, in Dr. Moungi Bawendi’s chemistry lab, Anna helped develop low-cost, sustainable solar technologies. She then pivoted to biological-focused research after interning at the Centre for Biotechnology and Plant Genomics under Dr. Luis Rubio. During her final years of undergrad, she researched in Dr. Chris Voigt’s lab, engineering synthetic circuits in photoheterotrophic soil bacteria for precision agriculture.

Now, a NSF Graduate Research Fellow in Bioengineering at Stanford, she continues to expand on her interdisciplinary skillset. Co-advised by Dr. Jenn Brophy and Dr. Kabir Peay, Anna is broadly interested in engineering partnerships between plants and fungi for sustainable development, conservation, and food security.



Bass 219