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Master's Student

Ellie Fajer

Ellie Fajer (she/her) completed a B.S. in Biology and Earth Systems (HES track) at Stanford, and is now completing an M.S. Earth Systems Coterm with a focus on mycology and agroecology. Ellie is broadly interested in intersections between fungal ecology and nutrient cycling; she has been investigating the Gadgil Effect in Alaskan boreal forests, and interactions between AMF diversity and nitrogen leaching in California‚Äôs Central Valley. She has also spent the last few years leading the Rethinking Meat class at Stanford and diving into sustainable food systems through her work with Farmlink and Farm Forward. In her free time, she enjoys hiking under Redwoods in search of banana slugs, running too early in the morning, playing trumpet in the orchestra, and baking/cooking vegan treats.